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Hello, Mr. Thyroid

Like many of you, I got Thyroid Disease along with the diabetes (it was one of my free gifts).  I got HYPO-thyroidism, in fact, the kind that makes your gland sluggish and supposedly makes you gain weight.  My doctor gave me pills, which I take every morning a half-hour before breakfast.  But since the diabetes is so much more intense, I doubt I’ve spent more than 45 seconds thinking about my thyroid since diagnosis.  So…

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Why Schizophrenia is Related to Diabetes

Check! Get up and check your blood glucose.
But I’m so comfy here under the covers.
You’re soaring! You know you are.  And now 8 hours in bed. You want THAT on your A1c?
But I was low! I was at 72 last time I checked.
Yes, but that was 2 hours ago, and you ate all that chocolate. You think that stuff ‘s just gonna ‘absorb’?
Bugger off.
Six chocolate kisses and a Kitkat…

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Pimp Your Diabetes

Are you messed up with your diabetes?  WELL… ARE YOU READY?
This is going to be SOOO COOL.  I just discovered that the innovative and fun-loving diabetes advocates over at TCOYD (a non-profit offering D-education around the country) are launching a new extreme makeover program especially for suffering PWDs.  And it shall be called PIMP YOUR DIABETES.
It’s not TV, and it’s not The Swan, exactly. No surgery, and no ball gowns.  But Dr. Steven…

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New Roche Insulin Pump

OK, we lost one glucose monitor vendor recently, but now we’ve gained a pump vendor instead.  Roche Diagnostics Corp. is breaking into the growing U.S. insulin pump business with its Swiss-made product that carries the well-known Accu-Chek brand name.
The new Spirit Accu-Chek pump comes from Disetronic Medical Systems, the insulin pump division acquired by Roche in 2003.  Launch is planned for Monday, and the $6,195 product will begin shipping on Oct. 30.
I’m not…

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Interview with a Real, Live Exubera User (Under 50)

Meet Jennifer Haws.  She just started using EXUBERA, the first commercially available inhalable insulin from Pfizer.  She’s not a senior.  She’s not homebound.  And so far she likes it.  Which came as somewhat of a surprise to me personally, since I’ve been quoted as teasing about how impractical it seems.  Jennifer disagrees.
Read on:
DM) Jen, can you tell us about yourself, and what led you to inhalable insulin?
JH) I live in Des Moines,…

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