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The LillyforLife Achievement Award for Diabetes Journalism (!)

I’ve never been one to win things in this life. Once, as a student at an LA Times journalism conference, I won a sun visor as a door prize. That was about it. So you can imagine how floored and honored I was to receive an email last week from a manager in Eli Lilly’s global communications group informing me that I have been selected as the winner of this year’s LillyforLife Achievement Award for…

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Grand Rounds Coming HERE Next Week

Hello, medical bloggers, friends, and readers. That weekly compilation of happenings in the health care blogosphere that we affectionately call “Grand Rounds” will be hosted here at next Tuesday. Pre-Rounds is a new series of interviews with the host bloggers, published on Check out mine HERE (requires login.)
In keeping with the September tradition of “Back-to-School,” I’d like us to take the opportunity to celebrate education. That is, theme of the week will…

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Notice Anything New?

Check out my new blog Category over on the left — Interviewed! — in which I’ve compiled all the recent chats I’ve posted with great diabetes and blogging minds. And also a new addition to my “Sponsored Links” section in the right-hand margin, in which a new advertiser and I are taking each other for a test drive. No major layout re-haul, but enough to feel a bit like a Fall rebirth over here at…

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Information Bias in Research, Uh-huh

While we’re on the subject of patient studies, here’s another thing: “regular” research with real live patients is not without its faults, no sir. By that I mean to say that even though studies using real, live people may seem quite preferable to computer simulation, things are not always as forthright as they seem.
This month’s Diabetes Voice magazine from the International Diabetes Foundation (IDF) features an extremely interesting piece about information bias in research:…

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Who Needs Patient Studies When You’ve Got PCs?

Roche Diagnostics recently conducted a clinical study of “biomarkers” that indicate insulin resistance, involving 62 Type 2 diabetes patients. The thing was, none of the patients were real.
A fascinating Bio-IT World article published today, called “I, Virtual Patient”, explains how Roche worked with Entelos, one of the leading software companies offering programs that allow pharmaceutical companies to simulate clinical trials using computers. No human patients required… Geez!
The idea was that using this new…

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