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Grand Rounds, Vol. 2, No. 51: Celebrating Education

Welcome! First off, if you haven't already, I invite you to hop over to see my Pre-Rounds host interview on Medscape (requires free login). 
In keeping with the September tradition of "Back-to-School," this week's Grand Rounds celebrates education.  That is, participating medical bloggers were asked to highlight posts that reflect in some way on the indispensable role that universities and other training centers play in making medicine happen.  God knows, all the medical professionals (and…

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DexCom DM Consumer Data Manager

This just in, literally (just hit my inbox): 
Now you can download your (CGM) data to your PC.
Zoom in on Glucose Trend Graphs or view Trend or Modal Day information.        
The new DexCom DM™ Consumer Data Manager software program enables DexCom™ STS™ System users to download up to 30 days of glucose data onto their PC, and view graphs beyond the 1-, 3-, and 9-hour trend graphs viewable on the STS Reciever. Users can…

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The Turbo Tax People Take on Medical Expenses

It's apparently coming in mid-2007: a new ultra-easy medical expense tracking program from Intuit, Inc., makers of TurboTax, QuickBooks, and other successful finances-for-dummies software. It will be an improvement on their first-gen offering, Medical Expense Manager.  I, for one, can hardly wait -- because even though my husband and I pay a professional to do our taxes, we can't afford such luxury for the confusing influx of medical bills and insurance "explanation of benefits" papers…

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Partners of Diabetics, Unite

Do you live with someone who has diabetes?  Or date someone with the disease?  Tell us about it.  What kind of experiences have you had?  Any advice for others?  Any heartbreaks or chuckles to share? 
This is an official call for submissions to the newly launched Diabetic Partner Follies, a series created here at to give a voice to the partners of the PWDs (people with diabetes).  Anything you want to say is welcome,…

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Inside Eli Lilly and Co.

So you know I spent a few days this week on-site at Eli Lilly and Co. corp HQ, along with the other five winners of this year's LillyforLife Achievement Awards.
But did you know that the great state of Indiana lies in two time zones? As of April 2006, eight counties have standardized on EST, rather than central time, in which folks there never change their clocks for daylight savings. Weird. Anyway, the new time…

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