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Crystal Meth Addiction

Last night my man and I watched an A&E Special Documentary on the “epidemic” of crystal meth use in rural America.  (Which we’d Tivo’ed; everything’s an “epidemic” these days, no?)  It was fascinating in the way that makes your skin crawl.  I mean, meth doesn’t seem to be the scariest of all drugs out there, but the sheer numbers of addicts (supposedly 1.4M in America) and the type of people getting into it are kind…

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The Diabetic Partner Follies, Act 6: Type 1 and 2 Coexisting? NOT!

Hello, and welcome again to the Diabetic Partner Follies, our “bold and beautiful” sharing forum for the people who spend their lives with the PWDs (people with diabetes).  It’s never boring, is it now?  Please consider sharing your experiences with us here by emailing me.  Come as you are
So, have you ever wondered what would happen if a Type 1 paired up with a Type 2?  This week’s entry defies introduction.  You just have…

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Arthur Gets Cute with Diabetes, and

Two unrelated juicy tips today:
1) Did you know that the popular Arthur cartoon series recently aired an episode featuring a pediatric pump patient?  The girl, named Corinne, discusses her condition, displays her Animas insulin pump, and even demonstrates LifeScan UltraSmart blood glucose monitoring — a mucho PR win for LifeScan, of course. But thanks for making diabetes “a little hip,” ay?  The episode, called “Desert Island Dish,” also features a segment on choosing healthy…

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Full Disclosure: Who’s Your Daddy?

OK, so I received a journalism award from a major pharmaceutical company whose practices we may all question at times.  Does accepting this award mean that I am somehow “in” with the Big Pharma crowd, receiving perks left and right?  Hell no.
Yesterday I received the following email from a long-time reader:
You’ve been honest, forthright, and sincere in your weblog to date.  I will continue to read it so long as you maintain the…

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Trouble in Reimbursement City

We’ve been asking the question, “How soon will insurance providers start covering continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices?”  But it seems the more accurate inquiry would be, “Why won’t insurance providers ‘reimburse’ for CGM devices any time soon?”
There are some serious barriers in the way, as I’ve experienced personally in the last few weeks, submitting multiple claims for my DexCom supplies — and receiving rejection after complicated rejection.  Each “Explanation of Benefits” form from Blue…

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