Full Disclosure: Who’s Your Daddy?

OK, so I received a journalism award from a major pharmaceutical company whose practices we may all question at times.  Does accepting this award mean that I am somehow “in” with the Big Pharma crowd, receiving perks left and right?  Hell no.

Yesterday I received the following email from a long-time reader:

You’ve been honest, forthright, and sincere in your weblog to date.  I will continue to read it so long as you maintain the journalistic credibility you have earned.

Hence, I feel you should fully disclose to your audience to what extent you are recompensed, both financially and with products.

And I do hope your efforts are rewarded.  You have earned your recompense, in my opinion.  I simply ask that you disclose it publicly.

Until I die, it’s likely you and I will continue to share this hormone deficiency.  So I will continue to look forward to your insights.  Thank you for bringing so much knowledge to my life for so long.

Monty Right he is, of course, with regard to full disclosure.  Thus, FYI to all of DiabetesMine.com’s friends, colleagues, supporters, and readers:

Until now, I have not received one single penny
from any pharma or medical device company for writing this blog, nor any free supplies whatsoever — except a few glucose meter models that companies were distributing for promotional purposes at the ADA Conference or elsewhere. 
Winners of the LillyforLife(TM) Achievement Awards receive $1,500 each, which they
are encouraged to donate to charity.  I have chosen to donate $1,000 to Children
with Diabetes
, and retain $500 to offset my publishing costs, and (outrageous) out-of-pocket CGM
expenses this year.  (Note that my income has shrunk drastically in the last 1.5 years since I’ve chosen to blog instead of taking paid writing assignments).

I do accept (selected) advertising here, and — like any good publication — am hoping to earn enough through that channel to at least break even.   

As I’ve stated before, if I don’t have my
credibility, I ain’t got nuthin’ (except the diabetes of course…)

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  1. Ken Walters
    Ken Walters September 21, 2006 at 8:12 am | | Reply

    There is nothing wrong with receiving recompense from any source, even “Big Pharma” as long as it is appropriately disclosed.

    “Conflict of Interest” is not inherently bad. Failure to disclose conflict of interest is bad.

    When there is disclosure, the reader, so informed, can make a determination as to how reliable your advice may be on the subject at hand and act accordingly.

  2. AmyT
    AmyT September 21, 2006 at 10:44 am | | Reply

    Thank you for that, Mr. Walters.

  3. Tom Woolworth
    Tom Woolworth September 21, 2006 at 2:59 pm | | Reply


    I enjoy reading your blog. I am suprised some would question your sincere interest in writing about DIABETES. Please do not let those who question your integrity … drive you away. Your blog is a breath of fresh air to encourage and educate DIABETICS .. God Bless You … Amy

    Tom Woolworth

  4. Angsuman Chakraborty
    Angsuman Chakraborty September 21, 2006 at 8:45 pm | | Reply

    Congratulations on your award. I think there is no harm in accepting such awards so long there isn’t any compulsion or even nudge to toe their line.

    On a different note I think Lily has done quite some disservice to diabetic community but that’s story for another day.

    Take care,

  5. Angsuman Chakraborty
    Angsuman Chakraborty September 21, 2006 at 8:47 pm | | Reply

    > Lily has done quite some disservice…

    I mean in the past. This has nothing to do with your award.

  6. Dennis
    Dennis September 25, 2006 at 8:42 pm | | Reply

    Dearest Amy…Amy, Amy… I think your Missing out on a Great opportunity…

    Until now, I have not received one single penny from any pharma or medical device company for writing this blog, nor any free supplies whatsoever -

    I would Streiously consider Doing so ( taking all the money you can get ) and Just think all the Good You can do with it….

    Donate to a Research For Stem Cells, Help the Uninsured, Use it to buy Insulin Pumps, it’s endless…

    Me thinks your selling yourself( and many others) short by not taking the money..

  7. AmyT
    AmyT September 26, 2006 at 8:55 am | | Reply

    That’s very kind of you, but the point was: nobody’s showering me with any money. When they offer, that’s when I have to assure that I can accept it with no strings attached.

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