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"DogFight" for Control of the Continuous Monitoring Market

News Flash: Abbott Diabetes is apparently "talking tough" about how its new FreeStyle Navigator will quickly become the "device of choice" among us D-types struggling to better manage our disease using constant glucose monitoring.  (The Navigator's expected to win FDA approval by the end of this year).  According to the sweeping Reuters story, at least one Morgan Stanley analyst agrees, saying the Navigator trumps the competition on accuracy and ease of use.  Hmmph.  Hard to…

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Tell A Friend About Day

Dear Readers,
Please humor me as I declare today official "Tell-Another-Person-About-DiabetesMine Day."  Self-serving?  I guess so.  But I figure after winning that journalism award I can indulge just a bit.  Also, if Mr. "Insider" over at PharmaGossip can do it, so can I.  After all, I'm busting my chops for my online community, too.  So, with apologies to Jack, I echo:
Thank you so much for your loyalty and discerning good taste in choosing…

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Seven Things Worse Than the Diabetes

Diabetes. That all-consuming pain in the @$$... But I like to remind myself that there are worse things.  No, really, there are.  Make a list.  Here's mine:
1. Aging.  The front of my hair is getting thin.  And my face looks so drawn in photos these days. I miss that fresh-faced girl.
2. The Carpal Tunnel Syndrome -- crippling for anyone who sits at a keyboard as much as I do.
3. Gluten-intolerance.  No wheat…

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Rent, Don't Buy, Your Insulin Pump?

Here's a novel -- and utterly pragmatic American -- idea:  What if you could rent your insulin pump instead of buying it?  So all you'd need to buy was the disposable supplies, and you'd be ready to trade up to new models in a minute?
David Kliff of Diabetic Investor explores the concept in his latest (subscription) newsletter, which I've been poring over with great interest.
Under this new pricing model, the patient would pay…

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... Or There's Always StressEraser

You'd do well to skip the crystal meth.  We've established that.  So if you're stressed out and just can't take it anymore, here's one "chill out" alternative that won't wreck your life and is not addictive (at least not physiologically): StressEraser from Helicor. 
This souped-up "pulse-oximeter" was launched last year, and looks surprisingly legitimate despite the smarmy claim on the web site: "Feel good again in 30 days... guaranteed."  Sounds like something you'd order off…

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