Quick Dispatch from Abroad

Hello Dear Readers!

Oh my — so very little chance to post over here in Deutschland! But hubby has now installed a wireless network in This Old House (a striking example of turn of the century German/DutchHaus architecture that stands under State Memorial Protection; the photo’s not ours, but something similar). So now more than one of us can actually get online simultaneously. And the family phone line remains free. Wunderbar!

A few brief updates on the “holiday” thus far:

* DexCom still beeping me out of bed most nights. The thing’s been running low, thus insistently attempting to alert me to mythical hypos. Tossed it out in the hallway, crossing fingers that it wouldn’t keep sounding off and wake my 18-mo-old nephew. Kept beeping alright, but seems I’m the only one who noticed. Anyway it’s been useful in testing just how much sugar is actually ingested with a glass of Lambrusco. (Lots)

* Got fat kids? Germany now does. My sister-in-law is now teaching nutritional classes to overweight youngsters and their correspondingly overweight parents at a health club in a small town outside of Bonn. Who would’ve thought this would be necessary here in the land of foot and bike traffic?! I noticed that in a typical day I’m walking about 4x as much as I do at home, simply due to the fact that we shop and get around on foot, and staircases abound. But the “snack foods” selection has certainly mushroomed here. So the number of too-chubby kids at the swimming pool has also increased.

* Gluten-free paradise! I have eaten pita bread, ciabatta, and even rich, buttery croissants!! Normally not something to be proud of, I suppose. But can you imagine what a croissant tastes like when you haven’t been able to have one for at least 3 years? Germany is, of course, the Land of Good Bread, with baked goods standing squarely at the core of the local diet. So gluten intolerance is highly intolerable here. I think I mentioned last year that the many small, neighborhood Reformhaus (health food) stores carry lots of amazing gluten-free goodies, including freshly baked bread and — as of this year — a great assortment of rolls and specialty breads that you pop in the oven to warm up from a company called 3 Pauly. Oh, please come to America, 3 Pauly!!


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  1. Jamie
    Jamie August 21, 2006 at 9:00 am | | Reply

    Gluten free croissants??? Ohhhhh, I’m so jealous!!! Enjoy the treats!

    Glad you’re having a great time on your holiday :)

  2. johnboy-d
    johnboy-d August 22, 2006 at 4:05 am | | Reply

    What a wonderful trip! The setting looks beautiful.

    By the way, Amy, is the Dexcom off are are you experiencing all thought nighttime lows?

  3. Alta
    Alta August 23, 2006 at 9:17 am | | Reply

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