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New Sweetener on the Block

Remember my rant on differentiating between the various artificial sweeteners? Well now there's a new gal on the block, which may actually taste significantly better (?). Say hello to "Sweet Simplicity," a new erythritol-based product from the Whole Earth Sweetener Co.
As my blogfriend Jimmy M. over at Livin' La Vita Low Carb says: "I know, I know, not ANOTHER SWEETENER, but... (Sweet Simplicity) offers you a pleasantly sweet-tasting sugar alternative that is high-quality, calorie-free,…

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CGM Investment Talk

Any doubts about whether the blogosphere really matters were WIPED OUT last week -- when I was contacted by two fund managers from Fidelity Investments, looking for the inside scoop on new continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology.
They're currently backing DexCom, Abbott, and Minimed, and their long-term investors are "excited about excited about CGM replacing fingersticks, while the other half (of their investment community) is just worried about reimbursement," they told me.
Apparently, these Small…

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Leavin' On a Jet Plane

The diabetes industry is busy gearing up for the big event of the summer, the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) annual conference, taking place this year in Los Angeles next week. I'm getting lots of emails about potential meetings at this event. And wouldn't you know it? I'm not going down this summer, 'cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane tomorrow(!) for that annual sojourn to Germany.
The AADE event is, once again, jam-packed…

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Now THIS is Useful

OK, you've heard it before. But a picture is worth a thousand words, no? It was actually the DexCom sales rep who gave me this slide. Take a good, long look. Try to memorize it. Try to think on it when you open the fridge. In fact, paste it on your fridge! If you have diabetes, no image was ever more worthy of that honor.

Learn it.
Live by it.
Like it. (Or if that's…

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Do-It-Yourself DNA Decoding in a Kit

This is sooo the do-it-yourself era, no? Everything from sports cars to portable green houses now come in easy step-by-step DIY kits. So why not a kit for decoding your DNA?
Well, it's here. Cellf do-it-yourself genetic test kits are the first over-the-counter products for investigating your own health conditions. They use DNA analysis to recommend diet and lifestyle changes.
The products are "comprehensive all-in-one kits" that test for specific conditions, including bone health, heart…

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