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Quick Dispatch from Abroad

Hello Dear Readers!
Oh my — so very little chance to post over here in Deutschland! But hubby has now installed a wireless network in This Old House (a striking example of turn of the century German/Dutch architecture that stands under State Memorial Protection; the photo’s not ours, but something similar). So now more than one of us can actually get online simultaneously. And the family phone line remains free. Wunderbar!
A few brief updates…

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Holy @#$! Amazing Stories, Vol. 7: The Psychological Immune System

Some emails just stop me in my tracks. This note, from author Gretchen Rubin, choked me up almost as much as Melissa’s story a while back. Why? Because this wasn’t even a patient writing about herself, but a family member who gets it in an extremely rare and insightful way.
Below, the email and Gretchen’s own post. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that we all could use a sister like this!
Hello Amy –…

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Notebook/Organizer for Type 2s Packs It All In

Promoters from North Hill Publishing recently sent me a unique new “book” to look at: “My Diabetes Organizer,” billed as “the essential planner and record-keeper for people with type 2 diabetes.” First impression: it’s very clean-lined and colorful and strikes me as the equivalent of the top-line Franklin Planner for people with diabetes.
It’s an 8.5×11-size spiral-bound notebook full of tabbed sections that clearly explain medications, meal planning, and all manner of “things to do”…

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Beating the Angst of Eating with Diabetes

Hope Warshaw is a leading expert on diabetes and nutrition, with nearly 25 years of expertise as a nutrition consultant, diabetes educator, spokesperson, and author. Her best-selling books published by the American Diabetes Association include: Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy; Diabetes Food and Nutrition Bible; The Complete Guide to Carb Counting; and the Guide to Healthy Restaurant Eating. (aka Yours Truly) recently caught up with Warshaw for a down-to-Earth chat about the “angst” experienced…

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Extend-ing Myself

Today’s forecast: post-breakfast peak, mild swings mid-day, followed by severe overnight lows. Topsy-turvey carb ratios that make my CGM line look like a game of Pong! Heck, what did you expect following a major time zone switch?
Actually, the flight over here went surprisingly well. We colored. We watched loads of TV on our little individual screens. We made reptiles out of Floam. Then the little ones slept and my 9-year-old and I shifted uncomfortably…

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