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Corrections on an NFL Tattoo

A few days ago my inbox revealed yet another unexpected gem: a personal note from Oakland Raiders player Dustin Rykert, writing to correct me on my coverage of his experience being tattooed with diabetes. (Rykert made headlines with a medical symbol tattoo on his chest in 2003).
Dustin writes to clear the false impression that he may have had the assistance of a full training staff while obtaining and healing from his tattoo(s):
"Just to…

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DexCom Patient Software Approved and Available

Thanks to MikeG for the tip, as my family and I have literally just landed. Cleared customs, hopped in a van, dropped our luggage in the foyer, and of course I'm online already (if a little light-headed).
But I just had to call attention to the news that DexCom's software allowing patients to download and view up to 30 days of glucose data from its wireless continuous monitoring system was approved by the FDA today!…

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"GlucoPhone" and Other Seriously Questionable Devices

As my vacation winds down, I'm trying to spend just a little time catching up on the hottest links, etc. What caught my eye first was a blurb over at Medgadget, introducing the dubious GlucoPhone -- an utterly amazing all-in-one cell phone and glucometer gadget that (quote) helps "provide 24/7 support and emergency intervention to Diabetes Phone subscribers -- anytime, anywhere. It's a full disease management system."
As the watchdog editors over at Medgadget point…

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Upstairs, Downstairs with First-Gen Continuous Monitors

Emails and comments from fellow DexCom users are starting to pour in, and the split in testimonies is quite striking: on the one hand, lots of folks are disappointed -- even disgusted -- at having invested so much hope and money into "a lot of expensive, inaccurate numbers." On the other hand, I've got people telling me that the technology has saved their life -- as in rescued them from hypoglycemic unawareness -- and/or helped…

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The Diabetic Partner Follies, Act 5: Sweating the Details

Welcome again to the Diabetic Partner Follies, the sharing forum for the people who spend their lives with the PWDs (people with diabetes). I'm so glad we launched the Follies, because I for one had NO IDEA what the "others" went through. The variety of experiences never ceases to amaze me!
Take a read below about how seemingly trivial things can loom large when you're under stress. God, if I were the wife in this…

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