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More Marketing Wars: Lantus vs. Levemir

Another larger-than-life Diabetes Marketing War, this time without the romantic names:
A while back I wrote a post introducing the first-ever competitor to Sanofi-Aventis’ long-acting insulin, Lantus. The new product is called Levemir, from Novo Nordisk.
What I missed more recently was that things turned ugly back in March. Sanofi filed suit against Novo Nordisk in a New Jersey U.S. District Court claiming that Novo was falsely promoting their drug as effective for 24 hours,…

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Wherefore Art Thou, Galvus and Januvia?

Are they not like the names of some star-crossed Shakespearean lovers? (the handsome, wistful Galvus persues the unobtainable Januvia…)
Well, get over it, ’cause these two new diabetes drugs are up-and-coming “blockbusters,” expected to create as much excitement as Exubera and Byetta — which is strange, actually, since these two of the Dramatic Names are just more pills for supressing insulin resistance.
But the New York Times says: “Wall Street analysts are bullish about Galvus…

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