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Blue Cross/Blue Shield Surprises

I’ve never paid that much attention to Health Plan marketing, until a few days ago when a few surprises from Blue Cross/Blue Shield kind of hit me upside the head.
First, a few mornings ago at the gym (of all places), I caught a TV spot from Blue Cross, urging uninsured folks to sign up for their independent medical coverage — “which will cost you just a few dollars a day — about what you’d…

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Update: MiniMed’s Stand-Alone Guardian CGM Approved by the FDA

Ah, the rumor has panned out! I read just now that Medtronic has indeed secured FDA approval for its stand-alone Guardian RT continuous glucose sensor. This is the sensor/transmitter portion of the MiniMed Paradigm system — the Guardian combined with the company’s 522/722 pump — that has been shipping as a combo unit since June 19.
A few details, per diabetes consultancy Close Concerns:
* This wireless Guardian sensor won’t be available to patients till…

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Rumor Has It…

I’ve had a few quite intriguing anonymous tips in the last few days.
No. 1: The updated, and much upgraded, version of MiniMed’s Guardian RT continuous monitor is possibly approved — or a hair from approval — by the FDA. Apparently version 2.0 is “totally kick-ass,” sporting every feature you can think of and some you probably never would’ve dreamed of. Ready for nationwide roll-out by the end of this year?
If this is true,…

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A Brassy Little Game

“Would you rather spend two days in the boys’ locker room, or get slimed?” my 9yr-old asks.
“Would You Rather…?” is her new game.
“Um, slimed, I guess,” I reply, screwing up my face (as I lurch around the kitchen, trying to beat my own Personal Best at emptying the dishwasher).
“Would you rather get 100 cupcakes with icing — even if you can’t eat them — or get your diabetes cured?”
“Oh, easy,” I…

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The Diabetic Partner Follies, Act 2: Night Visitor

Welcome to the second edition of the Diabetic Partner Follies, a new series here at in which we (meaning myself and the good man behind me) invite the “significant others” of diabetics everywhere to speak out.
The idea is that partners of PWDs should have a forum to exchange experiences, ideas, frustrations, and even some occassional smiles, we hope.
Today, we hear from Anna Q, author of Life with a Spouse, one of only…

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