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Hot and Gorgeous (and Well-Funded)

In San Francisco, that is. HOT, HOT, HOT! (which is not good news for everyone, it seems). We had to abandon the house for the beach all weekend, which was a bit of a challenge with my DexCom belly. I braved a bikini one day, and lay there covering my Dex with a pair of crumpled shorts. Still glad I have it, though. Had some serious BG swings in this weather.
Anyhoo, another reason to…

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The Diabetic Partner Follies, Act 3: Hypo "Murder" in New Zealand

Welcome again to The Diabetic Partner Follies, the weekly revue where partners of people with diabetes share the view from their side of the glucose meter. They're helping us understand that it can be far from easy living with a PWD (person with diabetes). And hopefully, "The Follies" gives them a place to connect and learn from each other, too.Remember that submissions are welcome: no entry too short, sarcastic or insignificant! Email me if you'd…

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Blog Syndication, Ethics, and All That Jazz

-- Announcements, Announcements, Announcements --
* First, an update on the blog plagiarism situation. The idiots at that wholly unethical site are still stealing my stuff, but are now under official investigation by the Google AdSense team, so at least there's a chance their revenue stream will be cut off soon. Want to know how stupid they are? They even lifted my posts complaining about their blog plagiarism. I think it's an automated content swiping…

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DexCom Dispatch: Thank Heaven for Tankinis

I've had the dubious good fortune of obtaining my DexCom in the middle of summer, so I've been sporting my little black box at the pool a lot. I was so disappointed at having to bypass the bikini collection and drag out that single one-piece swimsuit I own, usually reserved for 'Mommy and Me' swim class. But last week I suddenly remembered that I actually own a Tankini! Wore it the next day and it…

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