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A Chat with the “Everything Blogging” Author

Today, a chat with an authority on my other obsession, blogging. Communications expert and author Aliza Sherman, who hosts more than half a dozen blogs (!) on topics ranging from doggie products to filmmaking to food, has just completed “The Everything Blogging Book” all about the why, when, where and how of blogging. As part of her virtual book tour, Aliza was kind enough to stop by at to fill us D-enthusiasts in on…

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The Diabetic Partner Follies, Act 4: Full Frontal Sharing

Pull up a chair, folks, for Act 4 of The Diabetic Partner Follies: the unique forum for partners of diabetics to share what it’s like living with us PWDs (people with diabetes).
Let me first take a moment to remind you that submissions are welcome, no matter what you want to say. Snippets are just as good as long posts, mind you. How about the “partner quote of the day”? Got something to add here?…

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Confession time here: I am borderline innumerate. Meaning even though I made it through high school calculus with a (barely) B-, I am very bad with numbers. Which is very bad for diabetes management. But that’s a whole other story.
What I’m getting at today is that I hadn’t actually done the math on my beloved new continuous glucose monitor (CGM) until now, and attempting to add up my costs thus far, I do not…

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Hot Summer D-Picks

What’s cool for this hot summer with the ‘betes:
* Diet Soda Popsicles! My kids actually noticed these on the promotional pull-out from their box of sugary pops. So cool! Do you love Diet Dr. Pepper, Diet Orange Crush, and/or Diet A&W Root Beer? Well, enjoy them in an ice-cold popsicle now, from the original Popsicle people, Good Humor-Breyers.
* Vial Vase Need a place to keep those insulin vials cold in the fridge without…

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New Combo Drugs: The One for Two Deal

You may have also read that last week the FDA approved another new “combination drug” called Avandamet (from GlaxoSmithKline) as a “first-line treatment” for Type 2 diabetes. And you may have wondered, like I always do at these Big Pharma Announcements, what the heck this means.
What’s up with these combo pills for diabetes, anyway? Why stick Avandia and metformin into a single pill — other than the obvious convenience of not having to swallow…

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