Pre-Travel Notes, Post-Mortem

Images_6 Sitting in the hair salon a day before my trip, listening to a rousing round of American Idol trivia/chatter:

“So many of ‘em were a bunch of geeks, but boy, could some of those geeks sing!”

“Yeah, like Elliott (Yamin). When I first saw that guy, I thought, ‘Come on, you’re kidding me!’ But he turned out really good – and he was so cute with his Mom.”

(Me, unable to resist): “Yeah, you know he wears an insulin pump. That kind of devotion to your mom comes from a real fight for survival together.”

(Hairdresser, obviously clueless): “Yeah, when I first saw him, I thought he looked pale and sickly, and then they came out with the diabetes thing, and I thought, ‘Right, that explains it.’”

*Sigh* followed by silence through the blow-dry and payment phases. Here’s hoping where I’m going the company will be a lot better informed – and not just about diabetic mice.


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  1. Megan
    Megan June 9, 2006 at 10:46 am | | Reply

    Funny, he never looked pale and sickly to me!

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