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Pre-Travel Notes, Post-Mortem

Sitting in the hair salon a day before my trip, listening to a rousing round of American Idol trivia/chatter:
“So many of ‘em were a bunch of geeks, but boy, could some of those geeks sing!”
“Yeah, like Elliott (Yamin). When I first saw that guy, I thought, ‘Come on, you’re kidding me!’ But he turned out really good – and he was so cute with his Mom.”
(Me, unable to resist): “Yeah, you know…

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Test Strip Woes

You all have no idea how much I appreciate Scott’s obsession with test strips. I revel in it.
Every 2.85 months, I have my own obsession going with these most-expensive-and-essential of diabetes supplies: my mail order service won’t renew until I’m down to my last 6 strips. Literally, they take the 10-per-day count so seriously that they won’t process my order until I’ve got enough for, hmmm, one day if I’m lucky not to get…

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Glucoband Prototype A’Comin

As far as ADA news goes, a few of you already asked me about progress on the Glucoband, a non-invasive armband-style continuous monitor being developed by Calisto Medical (i.e. sort of a Glucowatch redux but better). Well, it seems the company has already “released some positive pre-clinical results,” meaning early testing went well. And they’ll be introducing a new prototype at the ADA Conference this coming weekend, Medgadget reports.
I can’t wait to have a…

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Submit Your ADA Questions Here

OK, folks, as I move into travel-prep mode for this week’s American Diabetes Association Conference and peruse my schedule, I am wondering how the heck to cover this sweeping event, whose sheer enormity made my head spin last year. On top of that, I’ve got a number of meetings planned that will keep me from attending a lot of the lecture sessions (even some that I really did want to hear!)
So here’s the Game…

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Bundle of Contradictions

This phrase, which happens to be the name of a new diabetes blog by Nic (welcome her here!), lodged squarely in my mind this morning as I read reaction to the latest NY Times article on diabetes (children and diets). WtF? After that hard-hitting series in this very same publication by N.R. Kleinfeld, we’ve suddenly got an experienced NYT health writer waving a dismissive hand at all the “hysterical rhetoric” about children and diabetes.

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