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Thou Shalt Not Mess with Me

This is the 11th Commandment, is it not? Especially when you have diabetes and are dropping below 50 fast and just spent your last dime but need something sugary RIGHT NOW. Know what I mean?
On my way home from the ADA Conference last week, I had my first-ever experience of being diabetically unprepared and forced to "rely on the kindness of strangers" -- which was not forthcoming. I was so humiliated I swore I'd…

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FDA Clears Intravenous Insulin Dose Calculator

Oooh, here's one I hadn't heard of before: EndoTool Glucose Management System, "a solution to the problem of how to effectively and safely control blood glucose for critically ill patients after surgery" -- from a company called MD Scientific.
Glucose control for hospitalized patients is apparently notoriously bad, which (as you can imagine) leads to all sorts of problems:
"According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, each year over 2 million…

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Hip Med-Movers for Diabetic Grandmas and Grandpas

It's just like I was saying the other day: elderly folks with medical conditions have social lives, too. And they have their pride. They also want med gadgets with zippy features and a cool look they can show off to friends and family. Hey, they're with it.
So it's a good thing people like diabetes industry entrepreneur Robert Oringer "get it." He's behind a company called HUGOAnywhere that's offering a whole new generation of "durable…

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Parenting with Diabetes, the Book

It’s down-to-earth practical and articulate as well! No surprise if you’re familiar with Kassie’s “Noncompliant” style.
But let me back up for a moment: I just recently finished reading the new release, “When You’re a Parent with Diabetes” by Kathryn Gregorio Palmer –- a Type 1 married to a Type 1, database developer, mother of two boys, and eloquent writer who started a diabetes blog last year. She’s also a former Barton Camp director, making…

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ADA Conference Faves

Amy's picks from last week's ADA Conference:
* Viagra marketing slogan: affirmative
(displayed complete with bold emphasis)
* Quilt for Life - the big exhibition on the National Mall in DC, which was a great success -- and a helluva lotta work for organizer Jeff Hitchcock. Thank you, Jeff! (Ooh, also check the DiabetesMine quilt, and make my daughters proud.)
* On-site A1c testing by Metrika and Sanofi Aventis -- although your correspondent was quite…

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