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DexCom and Me Update: Managing Expectations

Today marks the close of Week One wearing the new DexCom STS wireless continuous monitor. I’m still enthusiastic, of course, but I’ve learned a few things, mostly about managing expectations. Or more specifically: Lessons in How CGM Can Help Us Now.
- a magic wand for transforming your glucose control overnight (obviously, our rational minds know this beforehand, but somehow the vague hope lingers)
- an escape from multiple daily fingersticks. You…

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All About the Healthcare Blogosphere: A Word with Fard Johnmar

Back in April, a communications consultancy called Envision Solutions released the first-ever formal analysis of the healthcare blogosphere, a thoroughly researched 110-page report on who’s blogging, why, and what it all means. Founder and blogger Fard Johnmar was at the helm. DiabetesMine (that’s me!) was fortunate enough to correspond with Mr. Johnmar during the research phase, and caught up with him again recently to “pick his brains” on the project and what it divulged.

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Think Outside the (Test Strip) Box: DexCom and Me

Thank you all kindly for your tips — and empathy — on my test strip woes. I learned something extremely useful (which may not be news to the savvy long-timers out there) that constitutes quite the paradigm shift for me: you can buy test strips for cheap(er) at places like Costco, eBay and supply websites like without a prescription! So you don’t have to rely on your insurance to cough up coverage for more…

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Who Reads Forecast?

You know, Diabetes Forecast, that slick full-color monthly magazine you get when you become a member of the American Diabetes Association? You read it? Well, read the latest issue, mailed out this week! For me, OK? Because they’ve *finally* gotten around to publishing my article on Continuous Glucose Monitoring! (see page 52 of the August issue; I’ll post the link once it’s up)
How cool is that? Except it was a bit like having a…

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Disappearing Calisto?

A number of you have written to me asking about the Glucoband (next-gen armband non-invasive continuous monitor): did I see the prototype at the ADA Conference? Are they for real? All I can tell you now is Nope, and I Don’t Know, respectively.
Strangely, I could not find a trace of the company (Calisto Medical) at the conference. Their booth was not where it was marked on the Expo floor map (?) I ran around…

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