“The Diabetes Song” and Other Must-See D-Video

Have you heard of YouTube.com? It’s a place to post homemade videos, and thus “bVlog_manroadcast yourself” to the world. Just for fun, I decided to find out if anyone was making videos on the disease at hand — and guess what? They are!

Search for the term “diabetes” on that site, and you get an array of quick-flicks ranging from irreverant parodies of Wilford Brimley for the Big D to child’s diagnosis in claymation.

Do check out “The Diabetes Song.” It’s worth sitting through the first few minutes of inane chatter… painfully witty.

Hey OC, could personal vodcasting be our Next Big Thing? I think it would be pretty darn cool to shoot some of our own irreverant footage. I’d do it myself straight away if my plate weren’t so exquisitely full at the moment. (Work, plus that book, and those three girls — two of whom just had rollicking week-long birthday-fests — the back-to-back-BBQs this week, tomorrow’s dinner menu, that wash in the dryer…)

Anyway, more about vlogging (video blogging) in this month’s Wired Magazine. Enjoy.


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  1. Keith
    Keith May 31, 2006 at 10:57 am | | Reply

    OK, Amy, it’s confirmed you have way too much time on your hands! Actually the claymation video took quite a bit of effort to put together… my hats off to them.

    Did you see the video segment that CNN did on four famous type 1′s? I have instructions on how to get there on my blog.

  2. Felix Kasza
    Felix Kasza May 31, 2006 at 11:13 pm | | Reply

    Vodcasting? Oh no. Why spend an hour having something read to me that I could read myself in ten minutes — or maybe even five, if I were to skip over parts less interesting to me.


  3. JasonJayhawk
    JasonJayhawk May 31, 2006 at 11:37 pm | | Reply

    The Wilford Brimley video was absolutely funny. I haven’t laughed that hard about diabetes in a long, long time!

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