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Blog Plagiarism

The editors over at Medgadget and others have been quite upset over the newly launched BlogBurst service (an opt-in syndicator that offers blog content to newspapers) along with many "aggregators" that reprint people's blog posts without express permission. Frankly, I've been on the fence about the issue myself, believing that as long as there is CLEAR ATTRIBUTION and a LINK BACK to the original blog, maybe it is just another Google-type service to help readers…

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Insulin Toothpaste (and more) Rejected: Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Yeah, insulin toothpaste! That caught my eye, too. I read a story a while back about a company called GenoMed, developing an insulin-laced toothpaste (!):
The company is perfecting specially formulated toothpastes that deliver drugs, like insulin, to patients while they’re brushing their teeth. Because insulin can’t survive stomach acid, it must be injected rather than ingested... Flossing, which often causes some bleeding of the gums, could help to speed the drug’s delivery to the…

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In case you're already a little disgusted with my generally cheery attitude about diabetes, please don't gag. This is for a very good cause: Children with Diabetes (CWD). And my 8yr-old actually sewed on the buttons for me. In fact, she and I did a Happy Dance when it was finally complete, because this very little bit of sewing (I outsourced the actual patchwork) took me over 8 months to complete. That would be about…

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Tour de Cure: All Good, Mostly

My husband rode the 100-mile Tour de Cure in Napa over the weekend, and did not bother to take a photo of himself. Bad hubby! Well, good hubby, I suppose, for taking part in "the nation's premier Tour de Cure event." But I wanted proof, to post here
Anyway, he's an avid cyclist, who rode the 585-mile AIDS ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles a few years ago. This time, he really enjoyed "the…

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Greetings, Diabetic Celiacs

Somehow the word has spread accross the Web that I am not only diabetic, but gluten-intolerant as well. I've noticed that a number of my online gluten-free friends (see new list in left-hand column, below) have linked back to me, as some kind of resource, I suppose. What can I actually offer on this topic?
For those of you unfamiliar with this disorder, let me start by explaining that it is, in many ways, harder…

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