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Your Medical History on a Stick

Thinking it over, my last post didn’t really do justice to those USB flash drives specially designed to let you carry your medical records with you. (In Germany they call them “Sticks,” while a cell phone is called a “Handy” … pragmatic language)
Considering that we PWDs are constantly told to carry our full medical records along with us when we travel, the idea of putting it all on a tiny little stick is actually…

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Three Years and Counting… Gifting the Beast

Today marks exactly three years since the harrowing experience of my diabetes diagnosis. When I mentioned to my CDE that my anniversary was coming up, she asked, “Does that bring up any issues for you?” I was a little taken aback. Hell no! But, weeeelll, sort of… Definite maybe. No, I’m fine!
I have a tradition: I buy myself little D-presents to “celebrate” this anti-versary. Last year it was a beaded medical ID bracelet, and…

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Do You Love Your CDE?

Well, I do. Now. As opposed to most visits with my endocrinologist, I actually come away from visits with this CDE feeling energized. For one reason: she has her feet on the ground! Nothing makes me happier than 1) a little pep talk on how OK I’m actually doing, and 2) getting some very grounded advice about how to handle real-world D-situations.
So I’ll let you in on a few helpful little secrets I learned…

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War of the Sugar Substitutes

Splenda vs. Equal vs. Sweet & Low…
Which is the lesser of evils?
I’ve noticed that lately, at least in California, restaurants and cafes now fill their ramekins with ALL THREE PRODUCTS, so patrons can choose their poison. I often stare long and hard at those yellow, baby blue and pink packets, wondering “should I be choosing on taste (who can tell the difference?) or based on some important health concern?”
What’s in them, anyway?…

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Plagiarism Update

Thank you everyone for your support and tips on fighting back against plagiarism! Naturally, I’m flattered by a citing now and then as long as there is clear attribution, but the web site in question has actually stolen DOZENS of my posts, including the associated images (even of my kids!), and was so brazen even to lift my original category names: “Scrutinizing the Diabetes News,” “Diabetes Bulletin Board,” “Self-Disclosure” and so on. Wankers!!
Anyway, based…

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