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US Doctors and Patients "Not Connecting the Dots"

Reuters UK reports: Americans need more help managing diabetes.
The story, focusing mainly on Type 2 diabetes, suggests that "U.S. patients and doctors alike show a surprising level of ignorance about diabetes and are not doing nearly enough to manage the condition."
This is particularly vexing news considering the other big D headline this week: "73 Million People in the U.S. Have Diabetes or Are At Risk."
Don't you love it when it takes a…

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"The Diabetes Song" and Other Must-See D-Video

Have you heard of It's a place to post homemade videos, and thus "broadcast yourself" to the world. Just for fun, I decided to find out if anyone was making videos on the disease at hand -- and guess what? They are!
Search for the term "diabetes" on that site, and you get an array of quick-flicks ranging from irreverant parodies of Wilford Brimley for the Big D to child's diagnosis in claymation.

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Nip and Tuck

As you can see, has undergone a bit of a makeover over the weekend. No worries, it's still "the yellow blog," because I didn't want to part with my sunny background, even though my designer friend suggested it. I just love the figure in the Pile 'O Gold: pretty much sums up how I feel* about this blog (and you, too?)
Hopefully the new look is coming off "cleaner" and easier to read all-around.…

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Downside to Crossing the Border

Many Latinos come to America for the promise of a better life. While they may gain new possessions and freedoms, recent reports also show that this new life has a downside: damaging their health. The American diet of carb-rich, fat-rich, supersized foods is not doing them any good; the rising instance of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes among the Latino population here is a growing cause of concern. And so many of them remain without…

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Manna from Chocolate Heaven

not usually one to plug products. But every once in a while, something
comes along that is too fabulous to keep to yourself. This time, Kathy
Moskal, president of Vere Goods, wrote to me about her product after reading of
my diabetes/gluten-related chocolate
laments. She was kind enough to send me some samples, and I must say, I
feel like I've found Healthy Dark Chocolate Nirvana.
is a chocolate product that's a natural…

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