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Name That Absurdity

Lots of little oddities are overheard in this crazy sugar- challenged life we lead. Care to take a gander at which statements recently peppered which daily situations? (Answers are below, but no cheating now!)
A) "Did you wipe yet?"
C) "Not now! I'm shooting a threebie correction"
D) "Didn't you wear those socks yesterday?"
E) "Place urine HERE"
F) "There's a green orange in it!"
G) "How come Daddy's is bigger?"…

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Darn Tootin' Blogger Coming to the Diabetes OC

The editor of contacted me recently, looking for a new blogger with "experience, expertise, and/or passion to blog about diabetes." Very flattering, of course, but any drop of those qualities I've got, I'm putting into DiabetesMine right now
Meanwhile, looks like they've signed up someone truly captivating: the young, hip, Renaissance-man-type Rob Rummel-Hudson. He's an accomplished writer, and both print and photo blogger at Darn Tootin'. His quirky sense of humor includes bio statements…

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World's First Integrated Insulin Pump with Continuous Monitor Approved by the FDA

Extra! Extra! Read All About It... if you haven't already...
MiniMed's exciting new combo of the MiniMed Paradigm insulin pump and the company's REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) System was approved by the FDA this week. As the JDRF will tell you, this is the closest we've gotten to an artificial pancreas -- minus the fully automated "closed loop" portion -- but still a huge step forward.
Now I know why my local D-research center…

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What They're Not Saying About Art Buchwald's Impending Death

Many of you may be following the quirky approach that humorist Art Buchwald is taking to his own impending death, giving interviews and holding court in a Washington hospice. The apex of his life's quotable quotes being: "The question is not, Why must we die? but rather, What are we doing here in the first place?" (He also said, "Dying is easy; parking is impossible")
Leave it to Art to teach us how to die…

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What Does Insulin Sound Like?

OK, this is nutty. I just discovered that a serious composer released a serious score that puts to music various biochemicals intrinsic to our bodies. Todd Barton has recorded "Insulin," "Antibody" (HIV), and "Trypsin" (enzymes), to name a few.
His "Genome 1" composition, which put sound to DNA, was presented at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC, as part of the Human Genome Project a few years ago.
So what does insulin sound like? Unlucky for…

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