Working to Live, or for Health Insurance

Do we live to work? Or work to get health insurance? Check out this insightful article over at No_health_insurance_1 BlogHer.

And a CALL TO ACTION today: Check out THIS REPORT on a bill called the “Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act” (S. 1955) in the US House of Representatives.

This bill will circumvent tougher state standards and allow insurance companies to ignore them for a more general “federal standard.” Unfortunately, it could undo the coverage guarantees which currently exist in almost all states for diabetics and others with chronic conditions — where bi-partisan legislation has created laws protecting medications, supplies, etc.

Since so many of us already have to do battle with our health insurance providers just to get the coverage stipulated our plans, this bill could be more bad news. As a reader writes to me on this topic: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cureā€¦ take away benefits that help individuals control their health, and the cost of long-term health damage could be far greater.”

The ADA reports that diabetes advocates from across the country are contacting their US senators “to express their strong opposition” to this proposed federal legislation. Advocacy is just an email away…


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