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What Nitric Oxide Can Do For You (or Say Yes to NO)

Further to my query on natural substances that help diabetes, have you heard of Nitric Oxide (NO)? Sounds toxic, ay? It is in fact a “free radical gas that is a powerful regulator of circulation (it is an endogenous vasodilator) and a neurotransmitter (it helps in the processing of nerve signals as they cross synapses).” Read all about it at DiabetesInControl.
Apparently NO is impaired in people with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes,…

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Herbal Remedies (I May Regret This)

For months now, I’ve been receiving a lot of emails pushing various herbal remedies for diabetes. I guess it’s finally time to explore them a little, although it scares me to open this can of worms: nothing invites comment spam like mentioning dietary supplements.
Well, I’m taking the plunge anyway, but don’t be surprised if your comment peddling some herbal product is promptly removed.
So, for those of you just genuinely curious, as I am,…

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