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Moving Forward, Standing Still

We interrupt this program for a very important announcement: my youngest child is officially POTTY-TRAINED! Out of diapers and into a "big girl bed." Emotionally, I'm all over the map...
* Elation! The end of the tushie-wiping era. No more schlepping the baby backpack -- my constant companion for nearly 9 years now! -- stuffed full of outgrown diapers and change-of-clothes and chock full of sandy crumbs from long-departed snacks.
* Heartbreak. I felt a…

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JDRF Pushing Hard on Artificial Pancreas

Have you heard about the JDRF's aggressive campaign to fast track development of a viable artificial pancreas? Yup, the organization's recently announced that it will pour $6.5 million of its research-support funds into development of continuous glucose sensors and other advancements that will expedite the realization of a fully functional closed-looped system.
This is EXCITING, for a number of reasons:
* Illustrates the power of one individual's passionate advocacy. This whole thing got started because…

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Visit to Insulet: Handarbeit

I knew it before I left California. The OmniPod crew had determined they couldn't give me a unit yet, since I'm way outside their covered region (spanning the run of the East Coast, as of this month). But we talked about some writing opportunities, and they were gracious enough to invite me for a Grand Tour of their burgeoning manufacturing facility in Bedford, MA (just 40 min. out of Boston, but apparently another country to…

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Better Than Internet Dating

Not that I've ever tried it, but now I'm actually starting to appreciate the potential of Internet dating. The last few nights in Boston I met -- in real and actual person -- several of my favorite online D-community contacts, who turned out not only to be verifiably safe and sane, but also amazingly fun and interesting!
First off, Kerri Morrone of SixUntilMe is just as adorable as she sounds. Hard to believe that she's…

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Pilgrimage to Joslin

I began this post sitting on a plane to Boston -- on my way to that American mecca of diabetes care, Joslin Diabetes Center. I've read about others journeying there, mostly to obtain the Best Humanly Possible Care for their children with diabetes. I'd imagined I'd feel humbled and honored walking in the door as well.
But the strange thing is, as I entered the Joslin atrium from the cold Boston street this morning, it…

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