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The Other End of PR

As many of you probably know by now, I worked in technology PR and marketing for many years. Now that I’m an independent writer, I find it strange and amusing to experience PR from the other end: I get quite a few cute “pitches” from agencies I know quite well from the old days, such as:
* Dannon yogurt – an email asking me to “review” the latest type of yogurt, which is oh-so-good for…

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Pitching Yeast

My husband and a few buddies brew beer in our backyard as a hobby. Sometimes they ask us ladies to “pitch the yeast” (toss a vial-full of that rich-smelling substance into the tub), and we giggle hysterically. These girlfriends know all too well the constant Fracas with the Itch, and they aren’t even diabetic!
So you PWD ladies out there will sympathize when I say: it’s worse than the @#$% diabetes! I learned early on…

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St. Patrick’s Day Specials

Happy Green Day! I couldn’t resist sharing this image of what happens when you morph a leprechaun with Michael Jackson. Keep your eyes peeled in your local Irish pub!
Anyway, a few specials of note:
* Gluten-free recipes for St. Paddy’s Day. I’m intrigued by the “Frozen Green Girlscout Cocktail” (with Creme de Menthe). Or the Unusual Avacado Salad, which features walnuts and coriander seeds. Hmmm.
* St. Patrick’s Day deals from Get your…

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Working to Live, or for Health Insurance

Do we live to work? Or work to get health insurance? Check out this insightful article over at BlogHer.
And a CALL TO ACTION today: Check out THIS REPORT on a bill called the “Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization and Affordability Act” (S. 1955) in the US House of Representatives.
This bill will circumvent tougher state standards and allow insurance companies to ignore them for a more general “federal standard.” Unfortunately, it could undo the coverage…

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