Mailbag Update: Stem Cell Battles, Fundraising for Faustman, and Mexican D-Camp for Kids

I am happy to report that my email inbox is so very, very full with meaningful D-news. (Thank you, people!) Yet I am so very, very behind in sharing this info. So here are a few Don’t-Miss items, from the mailbag:

Cellresearch_4 * David Jensen, publisher of the California Stem Cell Report, writes to give me a heads-up about this nice post on a diabetes presentation at a recent meeting of the California stem cell agency. Don Reed, who writes the Stem Cell Battles blog, is touched by a video illustrating the devastation that diabetes can do. Personally, I’m touched by his blog header, which states: “We support research to bring cures, to empty wheelchairs everywhere.” Check it out.

* Allie Beatty, a 20-year Type 1 veteran who’s turning 28 on Friday (congrats!!), writes about herFaustman_2 newest advocacy program, “Commission 2 Cure Diabetes.” She’s taken it upon herself to help the Lee Ioaccoca JoinLeeNow Foundation raise the necessary $1.5m to fund Phase 1 trials of Dr. Faustman’s cure research. She plans to set up a nonprofit group soon, but for now, the campaign earns commissions when companies or individuals apply for various credit cards or bank accounts through Allie’s DollarDraft web site.

* Dr. Stan De Loach, a US citizen, CDE and clinical psychologist who’s worked in Safari05main_1 Mexico for more than 30 years, writes with a heads-up about this year’s Campamento Diabetes Safari. This is a three-day Spanish-language diabetes camp and education experience for children with Type 1 diabetes between ages 6 and 18, held just outside of Mexico City, this year on May 5-7. The camp is non-profit, and the cost is 2200 Mexican pesos per person (about $220 – not including transportation). So if you’re interested, or would like to help fund a child, contact Dr. De Loach at


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