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  1. Nick
    Nick March 24, 2006 at 7:19 am | | Reply

    The Charlie Rose show was a good thing because it exposed people to Dr. Richard Bernstein. I’m biased, though. I personally like Charlie Rose as a host.

  2. Kassie
    Kassie March 24, 2006 at 9:10 am | | Reply

    aside from the overwhelming use of the ‘ic’ word, I love that article! Really, some very nice – and very accurate – descriptions of what’s going on.

    I loved, “For athletes such as Morrison, managing diabetes is itself as complex an art as shooting a three-pointer or running a pick-and-roll — difficult but not impossible and impressive to watch when done well.”

    That might be the best balance of ‘this is a serious challenge, living well with diabetes takes hard work’ and ‘people with diabetes can live successful lives’ that I’ve read in any news article.

    And, the article quotes Janet Cooper! Who, as you might guess, is a Barton Girl ;)

    Thanks for posting.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. Megan
    Megan March 24, 2006 at 10:44 am | | Reply

    OMG, I saw “inulin” on the muffin ingredient list and thought, “My, no wonder this is low glycemic.” Then realized inulin and insulin are different.

  4. KSC
    KSC March 24, 2006 at 1:53 pm | | Reply

    Thanks for the link! In my fantasy world, I would love to see a “movement” of diabetics of all types joining together and rejecting the sugar culture/global food practices imposed upon them by the fast food industry. These are invisible to many people but a little training goes a long way. Wait! In my fantasy world there is no diabetes! Silly me. I think the Charlie Rose episode was a good start, its suggestion that there is a national, if not global trend out there gives credence to the idea that diabetics communicating about healthy food as group has promise.

  5. AmyT
    AmyT March 24, 2006 at 2:26 pm | | Reply

    Hey KSC,
    Can you please let us into your fantasy world by opening up your blog to comments (other than Blogger users)? And/or posting an email address?
    ;) Thanks,

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