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NYC Drowning in Diabetes

Start Spreadin’ the News… They’re Here to Stay… New York, New Yooooorrrk!
Sorry, it’s just that quite a few people emailed me urgently on this one, and I’m reeling… The New York Times reports that an estimated 800,000 adult New Yorkers — more than one in every eight people in that city — now have diabetes. City health officials are describing the problem as a “bona fide epidemic.”
The (grueling) article notes:
Already, diabetes has…

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Holy @#$! Amazing Stories, Vol. 3: The Glucose Goddess Skydiving

I’ve been meaning to tell this tale of Facing Your Fears since the summer — but maybe put it off ’cause I’m just so scared of heights that the whole concept makes me tremble. But she did it! Our Lady of Glucose Laughs, Laura Menninger, a fellow Type 1 who was told she could never engage in such adventures, actually jumped from a plane last July…!
Quick background: Laura is by trade a surgical technologist…

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More Titillating D-News Tidbits

Well now, back to my D-news musings…
1) Body mass index (BMI) is apparently OUT, and gut size is IN, as the new useful measure of health risk, according to a new study reviewed in the Washington Post this week. What this means is that being plump all over is not as bad for you as having a pot belly — and that goes for women, too. The girth of your waist and hips is…

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THANK YOU + Kerri Morrone Sweeps the Diabetes Blog Awards

Kerri Morrone of SixUntilMe and I have tied for the title of “Best Diabetes Blog” in the First Annual OC Awards announced last night. Thank you all!

(Apologies that I dropped out of the awards ceremony early on; my Internet connection was acting up, while I had a house full of hungry guests and screaming kids…)
Anyway, kudos to the poetic Kerri for sweeping the awards, also winning the titles of “Best Adult with Type…

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Amylin’s Colorful CEO, and AOL’s Stake in Diabetes Blogging

From the “Did You Know?” file, two fascinating news items to ponder:
1) Ginger Graham, the fiery readheaded CEO of Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (makers of Symlin and Byetta), is a former rodeo star! OK, maybe not a star, but the new January ’06 issue of Business Week features a photo of her roping a goat. She’s also a former exec of insulin makers Eli Lilly & Co., and in 1987, brokered the sale of Elizabeth…

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