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Diabetes Shirts for a Cause

I get a surprising number of hits here from people searching the Web for "diabetes T-shirts." I suppose if I were more enterprising, I'd sell them myself. Nah. My experience with retail is limited to the receiving end So instead I'm sharing a tip on two highly stylish looks that benefit the D-cause:
* For the active types, consider a cool cycling jersey from Team Type1, those incredible cyclists peddling to raise $1,000,000 for JDRF…

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The Clay Feet of Research

Looking back on it now, I guess what I really learned in graduate school was that you can't trust research. You really can't. There's so much variation in methods and methodology -- and so little true objectivity -- that essentially we can and do interpret data to mean anything we'd like it to mean.
This has lots to do with relying on correlations, i.e. the patients who had the most X factor also developed the…

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Marketing, Obesity, and the Fat Tax

I don't usually write much here about obesity, or diets, or junk food addictions -- critical diabetes issues to be sure, but not my personal bailiwick. Nevertheless, this stuff is getting harder and harder to ignore. As the D-epidemic spreads, the news resounds with stories on too much bad food and too little exercise. It's the Westernized Lifestyle, stupid! Right?
Check out the latest hard-hitting Boston Globe editorial, which starts out by claiming, "Type 2…

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Tagged -- The Random Facts About Bloggers Game

An entertaining game of "tag" has been running through the online diabetes community (OC) in which bloggers hit each other up for "Five Random Facts About You." I did a little checking and discovered that the game is actually running all across the blogging world. No idea how it got started. Just for fun...
Looks like I'm one of last diabetes bloggers to get tagged (with a little prompting -- thanks, Allison!) Hmmph. Don't y'all…

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Diabetic Investor

About 4 months or so ago, an acquaintance came up with a brilliant business idea for me: investigate diabetes companies for potential investors, and publish a newsletter with my findings and insider tips. Intriguing, but seeing as I'm not financially savvy (and prefer to explore the patient-side of the D-world), I let it go.
But wouldn't you know that somebody's done it already? And very successfully, too, I might add. David Kliff launched Diabetic Investor…

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