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And the Public… Disagrees

What was it they say? “Two diabetics, three opinions.” (or was that about another group?)
Anyway, no surprise to see the wildly different reactions and advice I got on my last post about my inhaled insulin dilemma. Answers ranged from “No, I wouldn’t participate” to “this sounds so cool!” to “what the heck?”
I’m still mulling it over, for all the listed reasons. Essentially, it’s fear vs. excitement at the prospect of needle-free diabetes care.…

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Farewell to Needles?? Breathe Deep…

I have been invited to join the Phase 3 clinical studies of MannKind’s Technosphere inhaled insulin. Exciting, ay? You can’t imagine what all’s going through my mind: Farewell to needles? (except for the night-time Lantus) Just a puff and then snack-city! What kind of looks do you get in restaurants with a purple inhaler? Will I be one of the first to show lung deterioration?! And much, much more.
First off, I did my homework…

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Interviewed! ChronicBabe LadyBlogger Profile #1

Now I know what Martha O’Connor was talking about when she said she felt naked. There I am for the whole world to see, and since it’s on someone else’s site I feel kinda stripped on stage, if you know what I mean.
Click here for my profile over at ChronicBabe. “Editrix” Jenni Prokopy started her site earlier this year to help younger women with chronic health issues who want to live their best lives.…

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Holy @#$! Amazing Stories, Vol. 2: Capt. Kirk

Meet Kirk Slusher, aka “Capt. Kirk,” who’s been writing to me REGULARLY for at least 6 months in response to my posts (xxxooo!) Slowly he’s been telling me his D-story, which he’s agreed to let me highlight here.
48 years with Type 1 and going strong! No complications, and the most admirable can-do attitude you’ll ever find. Kirk is VP of Sales and Marketing for a medical equipment company, a father, and an all-around active…

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Introducing Detemir/Levemir

Move over, Lantus! Another long-acting insulin is on its way: Detemir, brand-name Levemir, from Novo Nordisk. This new Lantus competitor was approved by the FDA last June and is expected to be available in both pen and vial delivery forms (pen-only in Canada) in the first half of 2006. It is already available in more than 10 European countries and sales have been extremely impressive, according to diabetes consultancy CloseConcerns.
“Detemir is characterized as a…

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