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Interviewed Again! Me Do Radio

It’s the wierdest thing to hear recordings of your own voice, isn’t it? A few weeks ago I was interviewed on Janis Roszlers’ weekly radio show, Jumpstart to Good Health, which airs in Florida live on WWNN radio 1470 am every Sunday from 4-6pm. I understand my bit will also be replayed on Christmas day (with a number of reruns since they’re not expecting any listeners .
The engineer finally got my audio feed up…

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Shameless Plug, and Why the OC Matters

So I struggled with my conscience for several days over whether to do the “vote for me” post. That is, nominations are in for the first annual Diabetes Blog Choice Awards — organized by our own energetic Allison Blass, thank you! — and I am moved to find I’m nominated in five different categories.
There is no money, and no tangible prizes involved. But simply being nominated so many times is just about the coolest…

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DexCom Rounding the Bend

I discovered DexCom when I attended the annual ADA conference back in June. They were displaying their exciting new tubeless conitinuous monitor (CGMS) product under a glass bubble, so you could look but not touch (no kidding!); since it is not yet FDA approved, the company is not allowed to actually let the public touch and feel the thing — display mode only!
The company is actually developing two promising products:
* a short-term continuous…

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Reality Check

After my last post, here’s something truly encouraging: I just found a cool Australian site for young adults with diabetes. The group is called “Reality Check.” They meet regularly, organize happenings, and share their personal stories online. These guys are putting it all out there! They make diabetes look like a social club someone might actually choose to join.
As far as I know, there’s nothing quite like this in America. Please comment and let…

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The Unfortunate Family of Unwanted Surgery: It’s a Tragic Story…

This post title is the answer I got upon foolishly inquiring what my 8-year old and her friend were actually doing stuffing those popped and withered balloons with cotton, patching them with duct tape, and then drawing gnarled faces on each with a permanent marker. The result was reminiscient of the shrunken apple heads we made as kids, but more morose — and with a much longer shelf life (plastic doesn’t grow).
“We’re making the…

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