Mendosa’s New Blog & The D-Blog Awards

Veteran diabetes writer David Mendosa, whose comprehensive web site has served as a resourcMendosa_head_shote for so many of us, has joined the ranks of D-bloggers! He’s begun writing a Type 2 Blog for a company called Choice Media, which owns Health Central,, HealthScout and hundreds of other web sites. Mendosa will now include much of his previous newsletter content in the new blog. Some of his first entries discuss the Gylcemic Index, Worst Pills, Scams and Quacks, and Alternative Therapies. Check him out. I am adding a link here under “Professional Diabetes Blogs.”

Also of note: Allison Blass, who put together the Diabetes OC site (online community), is launching the 1st Annual Diabetes OC Blog Awards. You can vote for your favorites in 10 different categories — by Dec. 14 — so lots of us will win! Keep me in mind, ay?


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  1. Elizabeth Snouffer
    Elizabeth Snouffer December 7, 2005 at 6:29 am | | Reply

    Thought it was time I said hello! I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now, and want to introduce you to another blog written by me — today is my first post!

    I live in London, and I have lived abroad for almost eight years now (also in Rome). I am a former New Yorker, a mother, and I work in the healthcare marketing/advertising/PR industry focusing on diabetes products and programmes. How lucky am I?! Oh, and I am a person with diabetes…

    What I hope to do is bridge the gap between all diabetes communities around the world, with information, both international and local.

    I hope you enjoy my perspective as much I as I appreciate yours.

    Keep blogging!

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