Happy Holidays from DiabetesMine

Happy Holidays indeed! This will be my third year living through the food-rich and couch-comfy holiday season with diabetes. By keeping focused on regular exercise, I made it through pretty well despite eating a good bit more than usual during the 10 days or so that my kids are home and life seems to center around meals, meals, meals. What’s particularly difficult is finding wheat-free Latkes, since I do enjoy them so once a year at Chanukah. Lucky for me, I have a nice Jewish friendSyringemenora with celiac disease, who’s husband has perfected the gluten-free Latke based on this recipe.

Links & bits of particular interest for the holiday season (aside from the usual watch-out-what-you-eat fare):

* The Gift of Hope Catalog – maybe a bit late to announce that you can buy all your Xmas and Chanukah cards, calendars and gifts here. Started in Minneapolis in 1971 by parents of children with diabetes, the program has raised more than $21 million for diabetes research. Every penny of profit (about 34 cents per dollar) goes directly to the cause.

* 8 Tips for Diabetes Care During the Holidays from MedicineNet.com – OK, this is a watch-out-what-you eat article, but a nice concise and sensible one that’s a good refresher on moderation.

Xmas_diabetes* Jewish Friends with Diabetes – kosher low-carb, Jewish insulin pumpers, and diabetes guides for everything from Tu B’Shevat to Purim. What more could you wish for for Chanukah?

* Holiday Recipes for Kwanzaa – recipes sanctioned by physicians to be healthful for people with diabetes. Also includes the seven principles and history of Kwanzaa (launched in 1966 at my alma mater!)

* Type One Diabetes Assistance and Enlightenment, Inc. (Todae) – encouraging people of all faiths to pray for a cure to end diabetes. Where spirituality and medicine meet.

* Images – the Syringe Menora did me in (heh!), and left, a Christmas classic from Diabetes Health Mag.

* And finally, the latest confounding observation from my kids that stopped me in my tracks at this reflective time of year:

We’re looking at our “daily news spot” in which I show them something in the newspaper and explain.
Me: “Wow, look at the fiery photos of this plane crash!”
8yr old: “Who set off that bomb?”
Me: “Uh, no one, honey. It was just an accident.”
8yr old: “So who do they sue?”

Wondering what to do this holiday season? Maybe take a minute to reflect on the world we live in, and what we each can do to make it a better place.


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  1. Zazzy
    Zazzy December 23, 2005 at 10:21 am | | Reply

    Oh I just love that comic! Thanks for the links and the smiles!

  2. Bette Lane
    Bette Lane March 6, 2007 at 12:23 pm | | Reply

    Do you have a reciepe for potatoe latkas for diabetics?

  3. LilP
    LilP September 16, 2009 at 6:07 pm | | Reply

    I love that comic!!:) I wish santa can give me a life with out diabetes too!!!:)

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