“Diabetes Spoken Here”

Someone asked this on a message board lately: “how come I’m the only one fiddling with my meter in restaurants and injecting in public bathrooms? Where ARE all these millions of brothers and sisters with diabetes?! I sure wish I could find some in real life.”

Well, there’s always the Internet. I’m all over this concept in my recent dLife “family affair” column: one of the best things you can do for yourself is find others who can relate. Aside from the numerous diabetes blogs (listed here at left), you might want to check out these Message Boards and Forums:
* ADA Message Boards (lots o’ good forums from the American Diabetes Association)

* dLife Community (message board from dLife TV folks)

* dLife Wall (share your story + photos)

* DiabetesTalkFest (Gina Capone & gang — great!)

* DearJanis Message Board (fans and friends of Janis Roszler)

* Diabetic RoundTable (meet the D-warriors)

* DiabetesForums.com (not sure who runs this one, but good)

* Pins & Needles (requires subscription SalonMagazine)

* Insulin whores (irreverant site from LiveJournal)

* DiabetesConnect (tips and tricks, mostly for Type 1s)

* WebMD Type 2 Support Group

* WebMD Type 1 Support Group (both kinda hard to find, but I did!)

* WebMD Diabetes Management board (ditto)

That’s a lot of places to visit, ay? Let me know if y’all find any more of interest. Happy interacting!


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  1. jen
    jen December 2, 2005 at 7:28 am | | Reply

    Wow, Amy! I am going to feature these placese on The Diabetes Blog too. We’d like to become one more resource for folks, though admittedly, interaction is limited (right now) to the comments.

    I will link back to you! Thank you!

  2. Zazzy
    Zazzy December 3, 2005 at 1:08 pm | | Reply

    Hi Amy! I’d like to thank you for including the Round Table on your list. As you know, we’re just getting started. We have been on the MSN forums for years and have only recently taken the plunge off into the “real” internet.

    I’ve really been enjoying your blog – both your sense of humor and your excellent source of information and resources.

  3. Tyler Wolf
    Tyler Wolf December 4, 2005 at 9:14 pm | | Reply

    I am also someone with Type 1 Diabetes, and I use an insulin pump. Some of the forums you’ve included are great sources of information, and it is very nice to have them aggregated in one location. Thanks!

  4. Lolobug
    Lolobug December 6, 2005 at 6:26 am | | Reply

    Hey Amy – I am one of the many that has asked that question on the boards. I would just like to see someone doing what I do! Maybe I should hold up a sign while entering a restaurant saying “All those with diabetes – Let’s check our sugar!” And have at least 2-3 people checking with me! I know they are out there! Of course, all the message boards help too! Thanks Amy!

  5. Susan
    Susan December 9, 2005 at 12:46 pm | | Reply

    Ah, so many of us are pretty subtle about. I’ve never ever hid my diabetes – but for that reason, people don’t even realize what I am literally doing while talking to them.

    I injected while walking down the street to lunch with the Dean in college. He asked as we sat down 20 m. later, “Do you not have to take insulin at lunch?” I was flabbergasted!

    Ditto on the blood sugar checks – they are so fast now, and I do it in the car or at the table or in a meeting and b/c I keep talking no one notices.

    We are everywhere. But only if you are looking really hard.

  6. AmyT
    AmyT December 9, 2005 at 10:45 pm | | Reply

    Oooh, I just got on it and added this list to my blogroll. See lower left-hand column.

    Susan & Lolo: I’m on the LOOKOUT for you in the Ladies Room now. I’m looking HARD ;)

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