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“Something Clicked” Study (Not Peddling Twinkies)

Last night I met with author and diabetes psychology expert Dr. William Polonsky and learned about a new project he’s developing that might be the very first study ever focusing on some Good News about diabetes and motivation. But before I dive in, let me reach out and give you all a Giant Virtual Hug for your fabulous feedback on my D-Blog Day post! I am totally blown away at the thought of all you…

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Talk to Me on D-Blog Day

Gina and the gang over at DiabetesTalkfest have dubbed today, Nov. 9, as official D-Blog Day. How wonderful to have a “holiday” for all of us blogging our little hearts out about our constant companion and perpetual albatross, Diabetes. Of course, we’re all doing our best to always look on the bright side of life … ja?
I figure some 20-30 new diabetes blogs have appeared on the scene since I started my gig here.…

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Diabetes Technology Society: World’s Top Minds Convene on Helping Patients Now

The world’s largest organization dedicated to applying technology to treating diabetes is meeting right here in the Bay Area this week (Nov. 10-12)! This under-publicized group has the potential to directly impact the lives of 21 million Americans (according to the Centers for Disease Control) now living with diabetes.
The Diabetes Technology Society is the is the brainchild of Dr. David Klonoff, clinical professor of medicine at UCSF and director of the Mills-Peninsula Diabetes Research…

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Close Encounter: an OmniPod User

Tuesday night I had drinks with a very smart diabetes-savvy lady named Kelly Close. Kelly runs her own consultancy, CloseConcerns, that conducts diabetes and obesity research for a number of top-notch firms. Naturally, she is very well-connected in the Diabetes Community. She also recently started a blog on her website with updates on industry news. (Click Weblog in the left-had nav bar).
I learned so much! (and the wine was great…)
Kelly’s group evaluates all…

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License to Snack

All of my adult life I believed that avoiding eating between meals was the ticket to avoiding weight gain. In other words, I believed that 3 meals a day with no snacks in-between was the Holy Grail of healthy weight management. Religously, even: I regarded snacking as the Ultimate Excess whose Temptation never ceases. Now I come to find out that it’s a good thing. Talk about your paradigm shift!
I guess I heard the…

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