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(Devilish) Raynaud's Syndrome

Ever heard of Raynaud's Syndrome? Nobody seems to be able to confirm whether this odd circulation disorder is related to diabetes, but I have my suspicions.
Also known as Raynaud's Phenomenon (or Raynaud's Disease), this is a condition involving "periodic episodes of reduced blood supply in the extremeties when exposed to cold or sudden temperature changes." Meaning your fingers and toes go white and numb and become pretty much useless for a period of time.…

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Post-Turkey-Day Post

PRE-TURKEY: I hit the weekend with a fierce determination to get my glucose levels down, while being the ultra-efficient mother-cook-hostess, of course. Dose aggressively for bowl of wheat-free breakfast cereal - check. Drop the girls at school - check. Drive straight to Safeway for early am shopping with my plucky 3-year-old in tow, delighted that I shall "beat the holiday rush" - check. But NOooo. Others have arrived before me. Many of them. And the…

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Turkey Day Post

Happy Thanksgiving! Yes, another major food-fest, which is particularly difficult for us PWDs, I know. But I love the slow four-day weekend, the once-a-year chance to eat sweet potatoes AND cranberries in one meal, and the fall colors. I love the fact that we unpack our old home movies and spend most of the weekend lying on the floor watching hours of my older children as babies crawling around and babbling into the camera. "I…

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D-Blog News Flash!

Exciting news! My @#$! Amazing Stories post helped spawn another blog child: Melissa, who told her story so poignantly here, is now recording her own adventures at her new blog, How's the DB? I love how she explains the title: "I must get asked this question at least once a day. How do you even begin to answer such a crazy question? To most people I am speaking a foriegn language anyway..." Go post a…

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Sidekick & Amigo

I just discovered two new-ish diabetes products with cutsey names: Sidekick and Amigo (unrelated). Heh -- the branding experts sure get it that we PWDs have an intimate relationship with our D-gadgets. Here are the details:
SIDEKICK from Home Diagnostics, Inc., is a compact little BG meter built right into the test strip vial. It's apparently the smallest blood glucose testing system on the market. It's available at drug stores everywhere, and very convenient for…

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