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More Diabetes Economics: What the…?!

Looking over the sources for my last post, an anvil hit me: according to World Health Organization (WHO) estimates here, on a global basis, 45% of health budgets is spent on diabetes and diabetes-related illnesses. That would make diabetes, by most counts, the world’s leading disease, overshadowing even AIDS in sheer scope and costs!! Think about it.
OH BUT WAIT: That site features a dreaded Statistical Typo, in which all short dashes have mysteriously disappeared……

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Economic Force: Salute Diabetica!

Last night my husband said: “There are more diabetics in this country than there are people in The Netherlands.” Now this may not mean that much to you, but we lived in that country for nearly three years. My second child was born there. And I’m picturing all of the 16.5 million bike-riding, cheese-eating masses pressing buttons on their insulin pumps and priming their pen needles, toting monitors and counting carbs.
No, really. Imagine, an…

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Diabetes Podcasts

GOT AUDIO? It seems that the first-ever dedicated Diabetes Podcast service made its debut this summer, when Type 1 diabetic Christel Marchand and associates launched Diabeticfeed — a great weekly program of news and diabetes info. Last week dLife announced its own, extensive dLife Podcast program featuring host Janis Roszler interviewing an array of diabetes experts and celebrities.
Wow! We really have arrived. Specialized programming for people with diabetes is now available via nearly every…

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Carnival of Compassion No. 3: Reaching Out

Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth! The newly launched Carnival of Compassion (edition No. 3 here), the definitive showcase of how insta-publishing technology is allowing people with all variety of afflictions to reach out, share, inform and care for one another.
According to the Wall St. Journal, no one officially tracks patient blogs, but “there are ‘hundreds of thousands’ of people blogging about illnesses, caring for parents, dealing with end-of-life issues and pregnancy,” estimates…

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