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Crap! High Blood Sugar!

Can I say “crap” here? Well, seeing as I’m the senior staff reporter, managing editor, and publisher all in one, I suppose so… And any of you PWDs (people with diabetes) out there who’ve experienced the Sudden Unexplained Surge (SUS!!) certainly understand my frustration.
It has been a week of highs.
Hosting the Grand Rounds was a blog high (and also a helluva lotta work considering everything else going on). But the mysterious flight into…

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GRAND ROUNDS, Vol 2, No 4: Go Meds!

I am honored to host this week’s Grand Rounds, the weekly roundup of what’s happening in the health and medical blogosphere, going strong for over a year now.
This looks to be the first hosting by a blogger from the other side of the medical ledger (!), patient that I am. Quite right, I believe, in this new era of Citizen Journalism and Participatory Medicine, that the Informed Patient should stand up and be heard!…

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And Now Back to Me: Forced Self-Absorption

Hmm, I realized I haven’t been saying much about myself these days: Me, My Diabetes, How’s It Going? And that’s what it’s all about for each of us, isn’t it? Staying focused on ourselves — our BG control, our exercise and diet, our well-being.
No more diving into that big work project and forgetting yourself. Just ask Gilbert on that one; he writes, “Don’t be an idiot, it only takes a few hours for diabetes…

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The Doctor is IN

Just a note to say that Dr. Bill Quick, a 30-year veteran endocrinologist himself, and editor of the excellent online resource DiabetesMonitor, has been diagnosed with diabetes! He came in with an A1c of 11.1 and initial BG of 293 (!)
He’s starting insulin and “checking zillions of BGs daily,” as chronicled on his blog. He’s also planning to see a new endocrinologist of his own very soon. Now there’s a twist! Can’t wait to…

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An Oral History of Diabetes, Death, and Software

I’m horribly behind in the MailBag Department. Here are some wonderful, sad, and interesting bits recently passed along that I’d like to share:
* An Oral History of Diabetes is a project like no other. This recently completed UK Website features audio recordings of the life-stories of 50 people diagnosed with diabetes between 1927 and 1997 (mostly the bad old days for diabetes). The interviewees talk candidly about how they lived and what it was…

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