And Now Back to Me: Forced Self-Absorption

Hmm, I realized I haven’t been saying much about myself these days: Me, My Diabetes, How’s It Going? And that’s what it’s all about for each of us, isn’t it? Staying focused on ourselves — our BG control, our exercise and diet, our well-being.

No more diving into that big work project and forgetting yourself. Just ask Gilbert on that one; he writes, “Don’t be an idiot, it only takes a few hours for diabetes to turn you into a dumbass (if you don’t watch your sugar levels).” Right. And no more dropping everything for baby, the quintessential parenting thing.

Actually, I covered the latter this month in my newest dLife column (posted now!): the counterintuitive need to become the “Anti-Parent” by putting yourself first. Lots of parents end up “dropping their diabetes care” while busy caring for their small children. A natural consequence, perhaps, but NO! The worst thing you can do to your family is forget to take care of yourself. The resultant Roller Coaster of lows and highs and frustration and stress helps no one.

For example, at our house, I find mealtimes become a disaster if I try to make everyone else happy before sitting down to get a bite in my own mouth. Consequently, my kids have learned the cardinal rule: let mommy eat! (or test! or inject!)

So how am I doing? Whadd’ya wanna know?Smokinsyringe

  • My last A1c was 6.9%, but all my other numbers (blood pressure, HDL, LDL, etc.) are excellent
  • I’m working on bringing the A1c down, but still struggling with those late afternoon highs
  • My own fault, ’cause I’m paranoid of lows at a time when I’m driving children around town — so I’m too conservative with the lunch dose, and still end up snacking a bit before dinner
  • “Long Tuesdays” are especially hard, ’cause my nanny has the whole day off and in truth, I rarely actually sit down to eat
  • Trying new breakfast foods (sick to death of the old ones!), which led to some wacky days like the 68 – 344 – 84 Bounce Fest last week, aacck!
  • So now I’m testing more often, and thinking about it a lot.

I call this “Forced Self-Absorption,” which, with diabetes, is a good thing, I think. Or at least a necessary thing.


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  1. gina
    gina October 14, 2005 at 7:35 am | | Reply

    Amy, if I know you, you will definatly get yourself straightened out in no time…

  2. Bill Braithwaite
    Bill Braithwaite October 14, 2005 at 8:59 am | | Reply

    i think yer 6.9 is really good*

    i know Docs are always looking fer tighter control but U have to Live a Life*

    & as U always point out so well – it ain’t always EZ*
    ;) )

    Keep Up the Great Work yer doing Amy!!************

    Cheers!! Billy ;) )

  3. Kerri.
    Kerri. October 14, 2005 at 4:00 pm | | Reply

    It looks like you’re smoking that syringe, Amy. Made me laugh when I saw the picture. :)

  4. Nick
    Nick October 16, 2005 at 8:35 am | | Reply

    I got off the blood-sugar roller coaster in 2005 when I started eating exclusively according to Dr. Bernstein. The program’s major benefit is normal, stable blood sugars. An extra benefit of the program is not having to snack between meals.

  5. Nick
    Nick October 16, 2005 at 8:36 am | | Reply

    I’d rather see you smoke a syringe than see you smoke a cigarette :)

  6. Jo
    Jo October 17, 2005 at 9:42 am | | Reply

    Sounds like my last week, the bouncing .. going on 2 weeks on Lantus…Sat morning 110, by noon I was at 91 (got to have a swig of Mountain Dew), by 4pm, 100 … even ate potatos at supper, Sunday morning 81 – with the headache to accompany. Backed off 15mg of Actos, got nervous, ate too much and by 4 pm 224 LOL .. I was back to 124 this morning and have been fighting lows all day so far.

  7. johnboy
    johnboy October 20, 2005 at 8:31 am | | Reply

    I know what you mean about feeling self-absorbed. My wife even accuses me perhaps of focusing too much on my control. At the same time, she is glad that I am attempting to stay on top of this disease. It’s a real balancing act no matter what else you have going on.

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