An Oral History of Diabetes, Death, and Software

I’m horribly behind in the MailBag Department. Here are some wonderful, sad, and interesting bits recently passed along that I’d like to share:

* An Oral History of Diabetes is a project like no other. This recently completed UK Website features audio recordings of the life-stories of 50 people diagnosed with diabetes between 1927 and 1997 (mostly the bad old days for diabetes). The interviewees talk candidly about how they lived and what it was like back then. Check it out.

Old_photo_boy dx in 1931

* Next up is the kind of thing that at once breaks my heart and scares me to death: a lovely 42yr old woman dies of diabetes without hardly knowing she has developed complications. Bless you, Liz.

* A reader (MB) writes: “I have developed a tool called the Insulin Helper which does all the math for those using Intensive Insulin Management. If you are interested, it is at”
Now I have no idea if the program’s any good, but here’s a marketing tip: use “no math” in your product literature, and you’ve got me right there!

* Another writes: “SmartCare has developed a new diabetes treatment. Offices are about to open in Utah and California. It is amazing.” Unfortunately, I lost the original email (doh!) and couldn’t find much on the Web — only passing mention of SmartCare’s “proprietary medical technology for treatment and reversal of diabetes.” I’m intrigued. Anybody know anything on this one?


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  1. Sam
    Sam October 11, 2005 at 9:35 am | | Reply

    I found a page where Metabolic Industries claims that SmartCare, L.L.C. has no right “to market, license, franchise, or offer” metabolic activation therapy. I then found another page, on the same site, explaining that metabolic activation therapy “is a chronic therapy consisting of once-weekly treatment sessions of 6 hours of programmed intermittent intravenous insulin therapy, together with oral glucose.” Dunno if that’s what you’re looking for, or even if it’s the same SmartCare.

  2. Lynnett
    Lynnett February 1, 2006 at 12:59 pm | | Reply

    I know for a fact that the treatment being conducting by SmartCare is incredible. The results have been absolutely amazing. The only reason it is not more publicly know is the technology has had bad luck falling into money hungry business men who don’t care about the patients.
    SmartCare LLC is run by a bunch of egotistic morons. They are going under and fast. They spend money like it grows on trees. Even in small decisions like employees they are comedy. They hire the CEO’s teenage daughter and pay her more than the experienced, educated professionals in the group.
    The treatment is amazing; it’s too bad it has been passed down through some greedy hands.

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