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Happy Halloween (aka Scary Sugar Day)

Last night I was thinking what a crazy American tradition it is, building an entire holiday around consumption of sugary sweets. Of course, it didn’t start out that way. Originally, it was simply a fall fest to drive away evil spirits. Sugar was introduced later with the Trick-or-Treat tradition.
Nowadays, it is aptly referred to as the “Sugar Fest, with Imagination.”
Mexico’s Day of the Dead, for example, is more about fine dining: “In some…

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Glucose Meter Mania

A few days ago The Diabetes Blog posted a bit about “what features do you shop for in a meter?” And I was all set to reply today with a ranty post about “who actually shops for these things?” I mean, don’t most of us get the free or discounted models that our doctors provide at diagnosis, and then just get attached to them? I don’t know anyone who actually went out meter shopping. But…

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Is Your Pet Psychic?

(I’ve always loved that line.) But seriously, here’s something that blew my mind: my friend has a diabetic cat. She tests its glucose levels once a day with a standard-issue BG meter, and she gives it insulin injections twice a day. She says she can tell when it’s having a low because its paws splay out and it stands there looking idiotic, like a steer with Mad Cow Disease. She also says the hardest part…

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Mother Accused of Killing Diabetic Daughter

Here I am whining about how difficult it is looking after my own diabetes, and there’s this! An 11-year-old girl dead because her mom withheld her insulin. Besides being hugely disturbing, it’s unclear whether the mother was abusive or simply incapable of dealing with this disease.
Was she not instructed that legarthic behavior and repeated vomiting are signs of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)? Did she not know that extra insulin (rather than less) is usually called…

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