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Doesn’t Seem Right

I’m writing this at 3am, sleepless with a nasty stomach ache. Something just doesn’t feel right. Usually insomnia is my favorite excuse to hunch over the keyboard, pontificating on all variety of diabetes-related topics. But as Dee so eloquently points out, it all seems ridiculously trivial in the face of Katrina’s aftermath. All those people just beginning to piece their ravaged lives back together… what’s happening out there?
* An astounding number of Web sites…

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Restaurants Recognizing Gluten-Free Needs; Tears of Joy

This fall will mark my second year of gluten intolerance. And I am officially FED UP. All this time I’ve been telling myself it’s no big deal, and it sure keeps my carb intake down.
But suddenly I realize that I am TIRED of avoiding each and every form of normal baked goods, tired of mealy pasta and gritty rice crackers, and tired of explaining to friends and family why the wheat allergy is in…

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Blogging for Katrina Victims

Here I sit on the warm and extremely dry uttermost West Coast of our country and feel helpless. All those people driven from their homes… All those deaths and injuries and possessions lost and memories obliterated (family friends whose house burned down years ago always said the worst was losing the family photos, yearbooks, baby books and mementos, etc.)
And then I keep thinking: what would it be like to be caught in a major…

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