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Annual Eye Exam, for Patients Only

Why do they call us patients, anyway? I, for one, most certainly am not. Ask my partner. Ask my kids. Ask anyone who’s met me for more than 15 minutes. Not patient.
Case-in-point: my annual eye exam on Friday, which took about 1.5 hours — a full half-hour of which was spent trying to get me to keep still in the head-vice contraption long enough for that bright blue laser to get right in there…

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Diabetes Web Update No. 16; The Patient Carnival

Actually I’ve lost count, but 16 sounded good. Anyway, check out another new diabetes blog by a doctor at JJS Diabetes: Dr. John J. Schelmet from New Jersey has the unique idea of maintaining a blog for his practice. Patients can learn about diabetes stuff right there with information on the office staff and upcoming schedule changes. I wish my doctor were so proactive on the Net! Neat.
Then there’s Carl Wood out of the…

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Personalizing Drugs? or Death of the Blockbuster

A must read — BusinessWeek on Drugs Get Smart:
“Doctors are calling it ‘the age of personalized medicine’ as they close in on genetic variations that hint at why one person responds to a drug and another doesn’t, why some people are prone to strokes or heart disease, why one person’s cancer is more aggressive than another’s.”
“The shift to drugs tailored to a specific genetic profile will bring massive changes to a pharmaceutical industry…

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Janis Roszler, Symlin and Byetta

Oooh. I just found a very cool brand new article from Janis Roszler (RD, CDE, LD/N, etc., etc.) over at, of all places. First off, I just keep running into that woman’s name! Turns out she’s a diabetes author with her own “Dear Janis ” Web site and her own radio show, and she’s a prolific D-columnist. She even writes an “Expert Column” over at dLife. (Mine would be the “Un-Expert Column,” as in…

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Amy’s Tour of Health Plans, aka Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride in Slo-Mo

If I learned anything since my diagnosis, it’s that American health plans are pretty much all the same if you don’t have any special needs. That is, we bounced around a fair bit between various HMOs and PPOs and POS’s over the years. Some had higher co-pays, others had higher deductibles. It didn’t make that much difference, and even though I have three kids, I never looked into it very carefully.
Then I got diabetes.…

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