Diabetes Web Update No. 16; The Patient Carnival

Actually I’ve lost count, but 16 sounded good. Anyway, check out another new diabetes blog by a doctor at JJS Diabetes: Dr. John J. Schelmet from New Jersey has the unique idea of maintaining a blog for his practice. Patients can learn about diabetes stuff right there with information on the office staff and upcoming schedule changes. I wish my doctor were so proactive on the Net! Neat.

Then there’s Carl Wood out of the UK who maintains the site Life With Diabetes. He’s been Type 1 for 21 years and is going strong, he tells me.

Plus I already mentioned the DearJanis.com site: CDE and author Janis Roszler has a pretty rich site here, including an interactive message board where you can ask her questions.

You probably already know about the launch of the new Google Blog Search tool. Excuse my excitement, but I typed in “diabetes” and found I was top of the list! Hot damn! (as Martha would say)Coheart_1

And finally, drumroll please…………. introducing a new Weekly Roundup of Patient Blogs!! It shall be entitled the Carnival of Compassion (catchy!), and is being initiated by a Canadian med-type blogger by the name of Dr. Del. This review will be along the same lines as the “Grand Rounds” for medical blogs, i.e. hosted at a different blog each week, featuring the “best of” posts for that period.

Keep your eye out for it, as I signed up to host on Oct. 2. If you know of any new or great patient blogs, or care to sign up to host yourself, email to admin@Medsim.net.

Oh, and in case you don’t get the significance of the logo (I didn’t): “<3″ is apparently shorthand for “heart.”


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