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New Diabetes Gene Discovered

Have you heard about the new gene discovered that's implicated in the cause of Type 2 diabetes?
Scientists at Joslin Diabetes Center used lab mice to show that alterations in a gene called ARNT (aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator) -- which is crucial for normal embryo development, and also controls other genes -- correlates closely with incidence of Type 2 diabetes.
What this means is that the ARNT gene may be pivotal in generating (and…

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Tattoos for Life

Part of me has always regretted not getting a tattoo during the years we lived in Amsterdam (which part of me I need not share). But I definitely tingled when I recently ran into this post: "I have a friend who had ‘diabetes mellitus’ tattooed on one arm and a syringe tattooed on the other when he was a teenager. Looks kind of cool. He didn't have any problems with having it done, but if…

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Annual CDE Meeting News

The annual meeting of the American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) starts today in Washington, DC. This event promises to bring together about 5,000 experts and educators for both an expo and a series of courses on the latest and greatest in D-care. This year's theme is "Monumental Opportunities," an obvious reference to the capital city venue, and also an allusion to just how BIG diabetes has become.
One organizer is quoted as saying: "Even…

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Endo, 2; Me, 1; Lab Tech, 0

Saw my endocrinologist yesterday for the first time in at least 5 months. Our visits have suddenly taken on a new cadence since he's learned about my D-writing and my excursions into the mysterious world of professional diabetes care. He now talks to me like... well, if not a peer, then at least an accomplished observer worthy of his utmost qualified attention. (He even asked if I could fix him up with some contacts at…

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