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Amy’s Diabetes Haiku

The girls have been out of summer camp and freewheeling, awaiting the start of school for 2 weeks now. Mom’s list of entertainments and distractions is severly waning… Seemed like a good time for a little diabetes-inspired Enlightenment:
Glucose testing –
How I procastinate.
What? I’m not eating yet.
Counting the carbs
of a large bowl of cereal.
Too much, too much.
On a summer’s day,
I inject.
Will there be a bruise?
Round, sweet…

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More Stem Cell Magic

A short note today: a reader writes to me with a heads-up on a Wired Today story explaining how the European Union is moving ahead on “tissue engineering” that will use stem cells to reproduce skin, bone and cartilage for treatment of various conditions, including diabetic wounds.
Reader B.W. points out that while we’re waiting and hoping for a cure, there’s much more magic that can be done if science is allowed to thrive. Amen!…

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Kryptonite and Spinach

This may be the most trite thing I’ve ever written about having diabetes, but sometimes this disease makes me feel bionic. You know, half-person/half-machine, so that I am actually Superhuman — except in the face of the Evil Antidote to my extraordinary energy.
Let me explain.
When I’m getting ready for a major workout, I cut my insulin or sometimes pop glucose tablets to let my BG levels soar for a short time at the…

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Seeing as I just hit my 6-month Blogiversary and 100th post (!), I decided it was time for a little freshening up here. So I’ve switched some things around, hopefully making it easier to search my site, i.e. the Google search window at left, under “Must-Reads.”
And I’ve also added a new photo, which is HUGE, I know, but it’s the one my family liked best. (See how those three-quarter-length sleeves cover up the BG…

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Yet MORE Diabetes Blogs, etc.

It’s a veritable avalanche! At least two more new diabetes blogs have appeared on the scene, not to mention the seemingly endless sites and resources I keep finding as I dig ever deeper. (Soon you may have to send out the rescue dogs, ’cause I gotta get some other work done here But for now, here’s what’s new and/or interesting:
* 22-year-old Rob from Canada is making an impressive debut with his new blog DIABolic.…

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