The Dream Fund and Kassie’s Book for Diabetic Parents

Periscope up! The more you look, the more you find — in this case implying that if you ever, ever felt alone with your diabetes, forget it! I can hardly believe how many hot programs and cool people I am starting to run into all centered around this disease.

Here are two of the latest items I’ve found:

* The Ascenia Dream Fund is an annual contest run by the diabetes division of Bayer to “support the achievements of exemplary individuals who optimally monitor and self-manage their diabetes.” (The only caveat being that they must excel using an Ascensia — formerly Glucometer brand — product.) But each year, the fund helps a winner realize a special dream that would not have been possible unless they were in control of their diabetes. The jackpot is $100K toward your special project. Pretty neat! Got a dream? Apply here.
* Kathyrn (Kassie) Palmer’s new book on Parents with Diabetes — something for us, at last! Kassie actually won the 2004 Ascenia contest with the dream of creating a “real-life guide to living with diabetes while raising a family.” She’s a 19-year D-veteran and mother of two small boys. She notes that there are numerous resources for parents of diabetic children, but to date, nothing tailored to diabetic adults working on becoming or just being parents.

Her work promises to be a very down-to-earth and helpful guide to everything from diabetic pregnancy to testing BG levels amidst screaming toddlers to explaining “complications” to school-age kids. Kassie is compiling the book now, so you can add your war stories and your two cents by answering a few questions, here. Per the contest payout, the book will be published by Ascenia and distributed for free. You can reserve a copy by clicking “Request a Book” on her site.

In addition, I duly note that Howard Steinberg and his LifeMed dLife team appear as advertisers, sponsors, or background players in just about all things diabetic these days — or at least all the upbeat stuff. Heck, they co-opted me, didn’t they? Apparently they have a very large periscope, which I consider a great service in bringing together the diabetes community.


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  1. Saint Martha
    Saint Martha July 15, 2005 at 2:01 pm | | Reply


  2. Saint Martha
    Saint Martha July 15, 2005 at 2:07 pm | | Reply

    I am hoping I get this right…sorry I am such a newbie at this blogging stuff :)
    I just wanted to thank you for adding my name to your site. And yes I felt slightly hurt by the dramatic reference but then I got to thinking about it and decided that it was rather dramatic! No harm done, besides I am usually my worst mental enemy.
    I appreciate your site and have learned quite a bit. Today I found a message posting board where someone claimed diabetes as a terminal disease, oddly enough many on the board agreed!
    Good heavens…what an idiotic and frightening thing to say. I responded by saying that diabetes was controllable and manageable through diet, exercise, medication, etc. and I could not believe all of the negative comments I received. I sometimes wonder if certain people would rather think of themselves in therms of dying rather than living….so odd!
    Again, thank you so much for your kind response…and much good luck and hearty health to you!

  3. Nick
    Nick July 15, 2005 at 4:49 pm | | Reply

    Help me! I’m dying!!! Uuuuhhh…..I feel really really bad.
    I have a deadly disease. It’s called
    DIE a BETES.

  4. Shannon Lewis
    Shannon Lewis July 15, 2005 at 5:58 pm | | Reply

    Where is this board? I’d like to give them my 2 cents, but I won’t reference you ;)

  5. Saint Martha
    Saint Martha July 15, 2005 at 9:15 pm | | Reply

    I didn’t post but one message in here. I posted the one about the guy in the message board site who said diabetes was terminal, and then lo and behold someone posted a message right below that one and used my name! How could that happen?

  6. anna
    anna July 15, 2005 at 9:30 pm | | Reply

    Martha, the layout gets a little confusing. Your comment is followed by a dashed line, then space, then the next comment. So it only looks like the “Help me…” post is from you. In fact, it’s from Nick.

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