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Salute to Luther Vandross, Divabetic

R&B superstar Luther Vandross died last night (Friday) at age 54. Cause of death “unreleased,” but the papers note that he never recovered from a massive stroke two years ago. I am shocked to note that most of the glowing eulogies mention the word “diabetes” only in passing, generally in the very last paragraph of the story! Only Fox News hints at poor diabetes management.
He was a beloved soul singer who will be sorely…

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Mary Tyler Moore on Larry King Live

Caught the show last night, which I’m assuming was a rerun. As usual, Mary was a spokeswoman extraordinaire for diabetes and the work of the JDRF. But one thing floored me: when Larry asked her if diabetes had ever interfered with her work, she said, “Not really. Once I felt a little shaky in front of the camera, so I had to excuse myself to drink a glass of orange juice. Then in about 5…

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Pump Without Tubing Coming Soon

This is why I am waiting a while to go on the pump: innovative new products making their way to market.
Rumor has it that Insulet Corp’s new OmniPod dual insulin delivery and BG monitoring system will be announced as available (via perscription) at the upcoming AADE annual diabetic educators’ conference, being held this year in Washington, DC, in mid-August.
The “pod” uses no tubing but rather is attached directly to the skin via a…

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